This autumn, several newspapers reported that Klaire planned to launch its own credit card. However, the details were relatively few and no exact date was set. Now Klaire has chosen to publish about the card that clearly follows Klaire’s red thread – simpler payment solutions.

In 2015, Klaire filed an application to become a bank and thus take the step further from being a credit market company. Now that they have the permit, they begin to challenge the major banks on several fronts. One is the launch of your own credit card. This was reported as early as last fall, but Klaire was then very much in charge of the features and advantages of the card.

During the spring, their app was launched in a number of countries and according to CEO Celestino Moira, “a number of features and services will be released on the 15th until the summer” . Exactly when the card comes on the Swedish market, however, is not official.

Klaire’s goal is to change the fintech industry by saving customers time and money through various services. This with a “personal touch”. The fact that they have succeeded so extremely well may well be because many consumers believe that their banks are doing just the opposite. It is not uncommon for them to be cumbersome, expensive and impersonal.


The app is the hub

The app is the hub

It was during the E-commerce conference SEBC that Klaire chose to publish more information about its upcoming card. Among other things, it became clear that customers will be able to choose to either pay with money sitting in the account to which the card is linked or collect everything into a monthly invoice (like a regular credit card).

The launch of an app also creates the opportunity for the customer to clearly follow the deliveries in real time and influence how delivery should take place. In this way, the customer in the buying process facilitates both the current payment method and the delivery method. Complete solutions that can attract users to choose their payment solutions over other options.

The app will also be used to remind you to pay invoices on time. Thus, there should also be fewer consumers who are upset about reminder fees on unpaid invoices. A criticism that would otherwise have been unusually great against Klaire.


But is it a credit card?

But is it a credit card?

Klaires CEO is careful to point out that this is not a credit card but a card with credit. It may sound like the same thing, but there are fundamental differences.

The difference is what is standard on the card and what can be selected as an additional service. Basically, the card will be linked to an account. It is from this that the money is deducted when purchases are made. If, on the other hand, the customer wants to pay part or buy an invoice, this can be done through Klaire’s services.

“It’s a small but important difference,” he says, also mentioning that he thinks credit cards, as they are designed today, will decrease.

No information on whether the card will have travel insurance, bonuses, discounts or other benefits has so far not been disclosed.