Last Tuesday (17), Good Credit participated in Loan and Credit Talks Brasil, an event aimed at discussing market trends and the interaction between those involved with Loan and Credits in Brazil. We were represented by our CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) and Co-Founder, Barbara Moreira, who was on the main panel of the event with companies such as Geru, Trigg and Proscore.

Loan and Credit Talks Girl Power – Panels made by women


One event we could see women leading companies that are dominating the Brazilian financial market, bringing issues such as: bitcoin regulation, user experience in digital products, credit score, the challenges to undertake in a Loan and Credit, new technologies for credit and how Digital platforms are changing public perceptions of finance.

The 6th edition of the event took place in the auditorium of Telefônica Brasil, in São Paulo. The participation of the big names of the leading finance startups in Brazil was inspiring, both to understand the initial business challenges, deal with bureaucracy and, especially, to make the business disruptive and solid.

Good Credit Tips

Good Credit Tips

Barbara Moreira talked about credit scoring and what you can do to improve the score . Specialist in Credit Analysis and Cooperativism, she said that Good Credit has already helped over 1 million people to find the best option in personal loan, credit card and various financial solutions through the platform. No wonder our CAO manages the company’s operations team and closely monitors the analysis.

On tips for keeping your score up to date, Barbara says: It ‘s important to have control over your accounts, pay off whatever is outstanding, and have a good relationship with your bank. This influences when you are going to apply for a credit to take a trip, pay off your credit card or make a home renovation, for example. o make the business disruptive and solid.